4 Dec 2013

Ice fishing premiere.

Allright so I do fish in other ways then flyfishing.
Ice fishing that is. In the winter. When all the streams and lakes are frozen solid.
Since this state of torture lasts for about 4-5 months of the year you at least gotta make some trips in to the winter forest to go ice fishing not to go crazy.

It's really nice.
Warm coffe, the stillness, skiing through the white landscape.
I'm not really there yet, lot's of ice but no snow wich led me to the new experience of going by bike (and a short hike) to get to the lake i was looking for.
It's not marked on any map as a troutbearing lake but i've heard a couple of stories.

And trout there was!
The lake is small, clear and very shallow, i suspect only about 2 metres at the deepest.
Probably fed through a spring as there was a small creek running out of the lakes southern end.

When i got there i saw no previous holes, no snowmobiles (well, the lack of snow..) or really no other sign that anyone had been there in a long time.
The lake was only accesible by foot through a walk over a rather steep ridge.

The third hole i drilled gave the fish.
A very nice little trout that first slammed the bait, missed, went for it again but as they say, third time's the charm and up he went for a quick snap and then back in the cold water.

Seeing the bottom on all places i drilled, acctually seeing the bottom before that due to insanely clear ice, seeing the fish take and not just feel the tug, the lack of people and everything about this lake have made it my new favourite winter fishing destination.
As it often is when you hook a fish in a new water.

Lonesome, quite lake.

First trout (or any fish) of this years ice fishing season.
I practice my ice fishing much like i do my fly fishing.
Usually a single hook, sometimes with a nymph, gluehook or as today, with a funky smelling old shrimp.
I also put most of the fish back, it's more about the catch then the eating.

I won't tell you where it is but i'll gladly,as always take you there.

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