26 May 2013

New materials.

 Today i donned the usual viking outfit (yes, there is one) and went down to the local yearly mediveal market to have a few beers with a mate, play some games and have a look around.
As usual i was on the lookout for flytying materials, there's always an abundance of feathers and furs to be found in those markets and way below fishing store prices.

I payed in total 200 swedish crowns or about 20 euro for all of this.
One big piece of dark red/purple fox that turns black at the tips.
One fairly large piece of blue/black racoon.
One very dark purple whole rabbit skin.
One lepard dyed whole rabbit skin.
A whole peacock sword.

The sword is neatly cut into bits to fit my tying box.
As you know it's a versitile material used for tags, nymph bodies, dryfly torsos and also goes in classic flies like the Sunrays Shadow among other things.

Rabbit is another material i really like.
It makes a great wing for streamers and has a way to almost vibrate in the current.
To strong of a current and it will collapse though.
It still makes a good swung fly and is excellent fished in still water.
The hair also makes an excellent dubbing for nymphs.

I like those moment when you buy those odd materials in an odd place and the salesman wonder what it's for and you reply with "fly tying".
That usually sparks some conversations.

Feathers and furs.

Rabbit zonker sculpin for seatrout or large browns.
Hairwinged salmon fly quickly named "Nightmare".
Peacock tag, silver body with thick silver rib,
black rooster, fox and racoon wing and guinnea fowl hackle.
I like adding a bit of  a silver body to my salmon flies, i have a theory that states that a swung fly should in some circumstances have a bit of material that gives a bit of reflection to catch the attention of the fish.
Not that i fish for salmon and seatrout a lot but they are fun flies to tie.

19 May 2013

First trout of the year.

Me, the lass and a friend went fishing today, last outing before we leave school and went to a place we went fishing last year a couple of times.
The aim was for grayling but instead i landed this beauty.
Just above a kilo and with those intense colours only trout really have.
Wild trout on top of that, none of that sausage look and broken fins stocked fish get.

I was fishing a double rig with a caddis fly as strike indicator and my alltime favourite nymph Orange Attacker as a dropper.
He took the nymph and it once again proved its worth.

As i fiddled with the net (not the one on the picture,that one was kindly supplied by my girlfriend who also did the netting) the fish went down a fall and into some whitewater rapids and i thought i lost it.
Good thing i didn't!
The fish posed for some pictures and then swam back home.

Happy angler!

Beutifull fish!

Of you go!

12 May 2013

The season is here!

I went out to a spot a bit away yesterday.
Initially no activity but as the day went on more and more fish started to rise.
They are escaped rainbow trout from various farms and this one is propably from last year judging by the fins.

The tactic for the evening as this was still water was to look for rising fish, follow their movement and place the nymph in their path.
Landed one, lost three and had another couple of bites.
First rainbow trout of the season, small but makes me glad!

Happy fisherman.

Not the biggest i caught by far, about half a kilo.
Caught on my own Orange Attacker weighted nymph.

Almost all the fish in this bay where this size, maybe a couple of bigger ones.
On a #4 rod with very limited space for back-casts I had to resort to spey style casts and these short casts and constantly rising fish in close proximity to you really made it very exciting!
The skin is prepared for tanning and the meat was sprinkled with thyme, wrapped in tinfoil and baked in smoldering charcoal, it tasted fantastic!

Other then that i've been tying lots of dries lately in real preparation for when i move in a couple of weeks.
I'm going to be seated just by a couple of brown trout streams and with a whole summer ahead of me i'm hoping you and me both will see a lot of those.