29 Jan 2013

New Norwegian childrens book about salmon

The wild salmon Salomon.

I really enjoy these types of childrens books.
Books that isn't about a fairytale land where everything is allright but books that educate and inspire questions.

The book is about the wild salmons journey from river to ocean and back again and the many perils they meet along the way.
One of those beeing the farmed salmon and the sea lice to wich the response from the Salmon Farming companys that it was a book to propagate against them.
Another was the anglers hook to wich we anglers responded "That's a brilliant book!".

The book is in Norwegian and painted in very nice watercolours.
It also contains lots of facts and photographs and information on fish conservation.

Read more over att GFF and have a sneakpeek at the book at http://capellamedia.ipapercms.dk/Fagbokforlaget/VigmostadBjorke/VillaksenSalomon/

Badass salmon that bested the angler.

24 Jan 2013

FLY TV - This is Skagit

So here we go.
The followup to "What the hell is Skagit".
I had been looking forward to this since they announced it last week but unfortunatly it was a little bit of  a letdown.
First of it was a bit short.
But more importantly it felt more like a long commercial...
Of course they want to sell their gear and the vid is released without us poor fishermen having to pay for it but still.
I like Visions skagit gear, i fish it myself but i really would have liked to hear more about the techniques, line placement, anchoring, mending, what flies are typical skagit flies and why to use them on our sea trout.

It's still a nice clip but unfortunatly not as good as the previous FLY-Tv videos.
Sorry guys.
More fishing, less selling.

A box in the mail.

One side

And the other.

Largest and smallest.
What's this then?
Well these are all the flies i got in the swap,they landed in the mail this afternoon.

I'm pleased, lots of new fun patterns, some classics and the overall quality of the ties are very good!
I'm especially impressed with Mattias's tiny little #14 Quill Gordon, a true beauty.
He also tied a very nice Alexandra.
I got them all in a box way more fancy then the old hook box i delivered in so i feel i'm gonna have to compensate Mattias in some way for that.
Maybe some nice flies next time we meet.

Some of my other favourites comes from Iceland and i am really looking forward to fishing with any of the flies that have rubber legs,never tried that before.


23 Jan 2013

Flashy fly experiment

The latest fly tying experiment concists of playing around with flash.
Nothing new in that sence, i've tied my pike flies in this manner for a couple of years.
These are on tubes and a bit smaller, targeting rainbow trout and sea trout.

I'm not entirely happy with them.
I have an idea about how they should look but it's not really all the way there.

So this post is basicly to say; I'm alive, this is a work in progress and that not all the flies that we as fishermen tie turn out the way we want to.

15 Jan 2013

All the flies are in!

Remember that fly swap i entered in to?

Well,all the flies are in, Mattias is dividing them amongst the participants and me,i'm just looking forward to getting a bunch of new flies,new patterns and new ideas.

All the flies look very nice and i've already started thinking about what spicies i'm going to target with wich fly and what rod to cast them with.

You can have a look at all the flies over at Troutpassion.

Check it out!

14 Jan 2013

Murky waters,big flies and big fish.

So i've been looking through some videos...
I've often said that my dream flyfishing trip would be starting out in the south of England,fishing dries on the chalks such as the Test and work my way up fishwise,rodwise and up the country ending my journey with salmon fishing on the river Spey.

I'm not entirely sure any more.
I've realised one of the things i enjoy the most is fishing for predatory fish.
No,not big trout that eat small fry but bog,mean toothy bastards of fish that attack with bad intent and out out nowhere.
Murky waters, ancient looking monsters and big flies that simply get shredded!
There's a couple of fish that fit that description.
One is of course our native pike but also the south american Tararira or wolffish.
They simply look ancient and mean.

Another that got me interested is the Australian Murray Cod, seems to be some sort in the bass family.

Placing your fly,stripping in....nothing....nothing....WHAM!!

Toman, the Giant Snakehead in southeast asia.

Tararia, the Wolffish

Here's a link to a GFF article about the Wolffish with more fish pictures as well as flychoice etc.

There are many more and i don't find flats fishing for big saltwater predators unappealing at all.
It's just something about the murky waters though...

11 Jan 2013

In the depths of winter.

Here's a small clip for you to watch.
In Swedish, bellyboat fishing for pike on the fly.

Not much is happening.
Did another trip to Stockholm and had another go at the seatrout.
No luck at all,just lost a couple of flies.

And as usual,you all know that feeling, there's not much going on in the depths of winter.
Fishing is hard,the fish is deep and the ice is covering most waters until the rays of spring sun starts to do something about it.

We've had some mild weather in the early winter but if the current cold keeps up i'll be able to do practice the only other form of fishing i do apart from fly - Ice fishing.
The greatest days for that is when the sun have started warming a bit in late februari,early march.

I'm tying flies and longing for the spring pike.
I've come to realise that pike is after all one of my favourite fishes on the fly.
I mean,just look at that water rising as the fish attacks!

In the meantime,more flies,more waiting and unfortunatly....more snow.

One of the favourites. Flashy pike candy tied with fox hair and big eyes.
25 cm long on a thick Carp hook.