23 Jan 2014

FLY TV - Fly fishing for big Perch

Here we go.
This is a nice one.
Simple, good explenations of the gear (again,really simple)
I've really been looking forward to this release as i often argue that perch is the very first fish you should start fishing for when you'r getting in to fly fishing. (No,any fishing really)

Easy to catch, fun to play and really hardy, easy to unhook.
Easy on the eye as well.

You can get them on baitfish patterns for bigger fish, nymphs and such for smaller.
One of my favourites is actually the Crazy Charlie pattern in different colours.

They use bigger rods, I think you'll do fine with your average #5 rod so if you get in to fly fishing, get one of those, go to a lake and practice your casting and when you got a bit of experince you could take that trout trip you always wanted.

Bring the kids!

6 Jan 2014

Crappy winter but some good fishing.

This winter is the worst.
It's a few degrees above zero, no snow to speak of and more rain than anything else.
The ice is thick out on the forest lakes though.

I've been out icefishing some more.
These are some pictures from todays outing.

Arctic Char and some proper coffee.
It was a good day.

Apart from that i've gotten a new line for my switch rod.
Rio Skagit Max Short 200grains.
Great fun, i'm looking forward to the spring!