7 Dec 2012

New line - Ace Skagit

I have been looking for a used skagit line to save some money but couldn't find  a proper one and buckled (or got myself a birthday present,after all it's upcoming!).

I landed on the line iv'e been looking at all along, the Vision Ace Skagit.
got a 610 grain/39 gram line for my #9-10 Zpey Zero 14'.
Bit on the overload perhaps but it's a fairly stiff rod.

On the other hand,some swear by it that you can and should overload a rod for skagit severly.

The box says "A package full of kickass" and i'm hoping that'll hold true, tossing big flies is allright with the scandi line but the heavy tips hardly lift of the water (well,not getting any distance at least.)

So here I go, skagit, i'm gonna pop down to the river at the first chance and try it out.


  1. Im sure that 610 will be perfect! Try it out in the mellandagarna?

  2. Hopefully i'll get a chance before that but i'll defenatly bring it along!