24 Jan 2013

FLY TV - This is Skagit

So here we go.
The followup to "What the hell is Skagit".
I had been looking forward to this since they announced it last week but unfortunatly it was a little bit of  a letdown.
First of it was a bit short.
But more importantly it felt more like a long commercial...
Of course they want to sell their gear and the vid is released without us poor fishermen having to pay for it but still.
I like Visions skagit gear, i fish it myself but i really would have liked to hear more about the techniques, line placement, anchoring, mending, what flies are typical skagit flies and why to use them on our sea trout.

It's still a nice clip but unfortunatly not as good as the previous FLY-Tv videos.
Sorry guys.
More fishing, less selling.

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