11 Jan 2013

In the depths of winter.

Here's a small clip for you to watch.
In Swedish, bellyboat fishing for pike on the fly.

Not much is happening.
Did another trip to Stockholm and had another go at the seatrout.
No luck at all,just lost a couple of flies.

And as usual,you all know that feeling, there's not much going on in the depths of winter.
Fishing is hard,the fish is deep and the ice is covering most waters until the rays of spring sun starts to do something about it.

We've had some mild weather in the early winter but if the current cold keeps up i'll be able to do practice the only other form of fishing i do apart from fly - Ice fishing.
The greatest days for that is when the sun have started warming a bit in late februari,early march.

I'm tying flies and longing for the spring pike.
I've come to realise that pike is after all one of my favourite fishes on the fly.
I mean,just look at that water rising as the fish attacks!

In the meantime,more flies,more waiting and unfortunatly....more snow.

One of the favourites. Flashy pike candy tied with fox hair and big eyes.
25 cm long on a thick Carp hook.

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