19 May 2013

First trout of the year.

Me, the lass and a friend went fishing today, last outing before we leave school and went to a place we went fishing last year a couple of times.
The aim was for grayling but instead i landed this beauty.
Just above a kilo and with those intense colours only trout really have.
Wild trout on top of that, none of that sausage look and broken fins stocked fish get.

I was fishing a double rig with a caddis fly as strike indicator and my alltime favourite nymph Orange Attacker as a dropper.
He took the nymph and it once again proved its worth.

As i fiddled with the net (not the one on the picture,that one was kindly supplied by my girlfriend who also did the netting) the fish went down a fall and into some whitewater rapids and i thought i lost it.
Good thing i didn't!
The fish posed for some pictures and then swam back home.

Happy angler!

Beutifull fish!

Of you go!

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