23 Nov 2012

The EU passes new salmon law.

Link/article in Swedish.

The EU have passed a law requiering its meber countries to phase out all farmed salmon in the next 10 years in favor of the wild.

This in turn will require bypass systems so that the wild salmon can get into the rivers to spawn, this is not the case in almost all Swedish salmon rivers atm.
This will affect sea trout breeding as well.
It will also require the young salmon passing in to the ocean to get by the water damns and the turbines unharmed.

Closer controlls and a relativly short plan period really promises a brighter future for the salmon.
If the new directive is followed that is.

On the other hand, not remodelling the water dams is now illegal.

Now for the inland dams....
Trout and grayling need to be able to breed as well.

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  1. Isnt that just true. The inland dams is a huge mess for our fishes. Now is that EU has no right to interefere with national fresh water. This is why the law only talks about salmon(sea trout is not an european matter because of its fresh water closeness. Its also a bit double sided with the farmed true genetic salmons we use, because we breed and plant them into fresh water. Its a messy question and for sure there will be more to it further on. But yes, inland dams need to be corrected