19 Dec 2012

Fishing the Capital

I'm in the midst of planning a mini fishing trip.
Gonna pop down to Stockholm over christmas since i'm fairly close anyways.
The aim is set on seatrout and i'll be fishing with the lads from Troutpassion, something to wich i'm greatly looking forward to.

Right now it's talks about the best flies, where to stand,depth to fish and all that anticipation that comes with planning a trip.
Of course,as always, you find yourself thinking that the very first cast will grant you that big one.
Not likely but you know the feeling!

If i'm at all successfull it will be my first seatrout ever.
There is also a slim slim chance at salmon but the trout is the main target.

I'm planning to make a stop in Gävle and fish there as well on my way down the country to try for some seatrout there as well.
So a 14' pole, heavy sinking tips,skagit lina and big colourfull flies!
I'm really excited!

I'll probably keep posting in the comming days as i'll tie some more flies for the trip.

1 comment:

  1. Im really happy to have a chance to fish with you this week to Come. Not just that we have sea trout. Average they are in descent sizes.. I actually caught my biggest baltic salmon on The Well known first cast in september. Om The end of the drift a 9.31 kg went upp to take my black orange 3cm fly.. With led and spin rod but anyhow.. Great feeling