14 Dec 2012

Tube fly adapter kit

The pellet and the egg - a fly tying story

The egg pattern is a well known and insanely simple pattern that i'm sure can be complicated and perfected in many fascinating ways.
Here i've just tied it with one material, orange antron yarn.
I also tied a black pellet for those newly escaped farmed rainbow trout that hasn't really adapted to feeding on living things yet but find this black depressing blob to be a worthy feast.

While some fisherman might not like the idea of catching a fish on a pellet imitation (i'm not entirely sure either) it is in fact imitation fishing.
Find out what the fish eat and then present that to them.

However these 1 cm balls of dubbing have another application as well and that is combined with other,more elaborate, flies!

Adding to the body.
 Sometimes you may find that the fish is indeed biting but you tied your fly on a short tube and simply need a bit more body on the fly.
Slide on a dubbing ball of suitable colour (or more than one,depends on what you want) and voliá,you now have a longer fly with the hook set further back.

Instant leech
When it comes to the egg it is already part of the well known Egg sucking Leech pattern.
And here you can see i've just slid the egg on in front of the fly to create an ESL from a different one.
Can be usefull if you want to fish a specific fly but just need a little bit of a striking point for instance.

Other interesting adaptations can include hackle collars or deer hair heads to give your fly a little bit more movement in the water or turn it in to a skater fished with a dry line.

Slide the hackle in front of the fly to add colour,slide the deer hair behind the fly to get some volume and lift and fish it with a sinking line or exactly match the current worm hatch size by stacking upp hackle segments until you reach the perfect lenght.

I'm sure you can all think of thousands of applications for both saltwater and freshwater, both flowing and still!


  1. good idea! what tube adapter do you use? thx

  2. None. The sections are all loose.