5 Feb 2013

Making loops and mending lines.

Since wintertime means less fishing (no not "No fishing") it's a good time to look over your gear.
In this case i've done a bit of repairing on a couple of broken lines.

The factory made loops are good ans strong but WILL break eventually, especially when you fish in the wintertime, the guides get frozen up and the line is put through a LOT of stress.

So here's a quick and easy guide on making new loops, either if you want one on your line or shooting head or want to repair a broken one.
It's not the prettiest repair but i've always been one for cheap,simple and durable solutions.

What you need:
Broken line in need of new loops.
Sharp knife or scissors.
Strong thread and bobbin.
One pointy needle (not nesseseraly sharp but pointy)
Epoxy glue,aquasure or similar.Any glue that retains a little bit of flexibility once dried.

The bust.
As you can see the line is bust and the braid is showing.
It will continue to wear and eventually break.
Possibly while fighting that price salmon.

Sever the ties!
Nothing fancy,just cut it.

The new loop!
Here's the trick:
Fold the line back WITHOUT removing the plastic coating.
The thread will grip the plastic way better then the braid and give you a very strong loop.
Hold the loop with both hands and swing the bobbin between your fingers 'round the doubled line.
Spinning the thread like this gives more pressure.

Cut the thread and go back between the two lines a couple of times to secure the thread.

Between the lines!

Now you are left with a bit to spare.

Cut it with your knife.
This is the reason i want a sharp knife, you can make a closer cut.
Make the cut angled so you get a taper.

Slab on the glue!
If you want to you can add some colour to the glue to make it look really neat.
The glue is to secure the thread further but more importantly protect it from wear.
Notice that i've let the glue a bit in to the loop to keep the thread
from splitting and that i've built a taper down to the
main line for easy transitions through the line guides.
Now you just hang it by the loop to dry and you are done!

In further news i've added Flies over Nebraska to my Blog Roll.
I like Erics simple and explorative style and enjoy seeing him catch what is to me exotic species, often small ones showing that you don't need insane trophy steelhead to have a very good time fishing!

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