3 Feb 2013

What's new?

Dries for the summer.
Skater Wooly Bugger with foam top.
Hares ear Streaking Caddis.
All time favourite Elk Hair Caddis.

So. What's new?
First of it's February.
We are slowly progressing towards warmth,spring and eventually summer.
The days have gotten longer and a bit warmer and i spent a couple of wonderfull hours down by the river today swinging flies for rainbow trout.
No takers but i couldn't care less, the weather was amazing.

Unfortunatly one of my line-guides are busted and in need of repair and i'm looking in to how to do it,where to get new guides etc.
Got a couple of broken loops on my shooting line and T-17 tip respectivly so i'm gonna take care of those as well.
Mayby i'll upload a little tutorial of my way of making new loops.

And of course there's been some fly-tying!
Mainly new dries for the spring and summer, some for the twohander,some for my smaller rods.
Some of them you can see above.

Lastly there's been an icefishing session with my girlfriend.
Nothing caught, we tried for rainbow trout angling with shrimp.
They are there in the lake but they are very spaced.
I thought we'd catch some perch at least but no luck there either.
Ahh well...

Happy couple.
Notice the ice dubbs,very important to stay safe on the ice.

What's down there?

Keep on fishing, the spring is almost here!

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