10 Jun 2013

New waters.

I realised it's been some time since my last update.
I've been busy with moving but with all that fuss and turmoil comes of course, new waters.

My main focus have been on river Våmån.
It's a small fairly shallow river that is wadable in most stretches.
It has a pepple and stone bottom with some weeds and sunken timber.
Perfect flyfishing water.
It also houses some of our favourite bugs such as different varieties of Trichoptera, Sulphurea, Beatis and last but not least both Ephemera Vulgata and Danica.
The fishes include, but are not limeted to; Grayling, Trout, European Whitefish as well as pike, perch and other spicies of whitefish such as the Common rudd and Dace.

Most of them eat bugs of the surface.

Pretty grayling of smaller proportions caught on a warm summer evening.
Dry fly.

Hello my pretty!
Ephemera Danica, one of the big ones when it comes to fly fishing.

Fairly big Common rudd caught on a dry.
I know there's good pike fishing in the lake by the village, it remains to be seen if it's as good on a fly.
And of course there's numerous small forest lakes with trout, grayling and char around that needs exploring as well as the upper stretches of Våmån that promises to hold more trout than down here in the village.

I think it's gonna be a good summer.
And i'm not entirely unpleased with living here now!

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