3 Jul 2013

Bombs away

First of, i'm a bit sorry for not posting in almost a month.
On the other hand, i've been out fishing.

Anyways, here's my newest fly and newest idea.
I noticed that the trout in my local river more often than striking the fly while it was drifting attacked fiercly when it was beeing stripped home.

I started fishing my flies in this way on purpose but they all got drowned and sank and didn't give that nice V pattern on the surface.
I thought to myself that maybe it's the action of the fly, not the pattern that triggers the strike.

So inspired by patterns such as Goddards Sedge and salmon bombers i came up with these.
Basicly boiled down to nothing more than a deerhair cone.
Floats well and is meant to be fished striped or skated, crosscurrent or right upstream.

I tried them out and they work amazingly well!
The fish strike them with such ferocity that they jump out of the water.
And if they miss they come around and strike again or they chase they fly, one of them struck the fly three times before it got it proper.

I call them Micro Bombers and i tie them on hooks about #12

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