24 Jul 2013

Hey, it's summer!

It's been like that again.
I've been busy and havn't written in a long time.

Since last time i've fished a lot, explored new stretches and caught a LOT of fish.
More trout and grayling now that i know where to find them.
The water is extremely low right now and the fish are shy.

We've entered the time of the caddis and this is what i fish with almost exclusivly right now.
Elkhairs and some other types, often with a big dubbed hare torso that you brush up.
Very effective fly.

There's bigger trout in the river than people know.
They are a bit smaller then some other neighbouring waters but still good, the biggest i caught was a little over 40 cm.
Fairly small but insanely beautiful!

Mid sized Våmå river brown.
Took on  a skated Chernobyl Ant.
It's just another month left of the trout season.
Yup, that's all there is. From the midst of May untill the last of August.
2.5 months of troutfishing in the streams every year.
On the other hand many of the troutbearing lakes are open another month after that and then there's grayling fishing for as long as there's no ice (or until the last of december but it's defenatly covered over by then.)
And of course, when the autumn comes i'm hoping to get stuck in to some char,there's plenty of lakes around but they're to warm right now in the hight of summer.
Autumn also means pike fishing and i'm starting to look forward to that.

All i miss right now is to swing the twohander, it's been a while with just the lightest rods and while they are fun it's great to vary the fishing a bit.

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