7 Sep 2013

(Re)Building a switch rod.

I miss swinging a twohander.
The thing is, my 14' is arguably a bit large in my local rivers, the shooting head alone covers more than the rivers withd.

So a thought emerged some year ago to rebuild one of my seldom used onehanders into a super light,short twohander.
Call it a switch if you like.

I've been looking for components for a while without really finding anything i liked.
But when going through some stuff in a wardrobe i found an old spinn rod and as i never fish those i thought that what the hell. Wasn't an expensive one anyways.

Using a hacksaw as my main tool i opened the end of my flyrod, sawed of the reelseat screw from the spinn rod along with a portion of the rod that fitted perfectly into the end of the fly rod.

Extended reelseat.
To be able to remove the reel it was nescessary
that i could unscrew the back handle a bit.

Filling up the hole in the middle of the old top handle from the
spinn rod.

And here she is.
Can't wait to get on the water.
A bit of tape to fill out the gap to the screw, some glue and filling up the end of the new but with some foam and i got myself my light twohander.

Not accounting for the new handle it's now a #6/7 9' switch.
I'll be able to practice casting and adding some sinktips when using a skagit cast.
I'm thinking about a new line, one with a shooting head/shooting line setup but i don't really want to loose the ability to fish close as well as adding a bit of distance.

Why not just rollcast with a onehander you say?
Well, it's just for the fun of it, i really like to cast twohanded.
And again, it's a short rod that will work perfectly for overhand throwing as well.

My only problem now is that the rod tube is to small...
I might keep on working on this and make some sort of detachable handle.

Tight lines!

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