10 Sep 2013

When autumn comes.

The birches are letting go.
 The summer's gone and I thought i'd tell a bit more about my river.
"My". Well it's not mine personally but i do fish it and for that matter, have never met anyone else out on the water.
The closest i got was a few bobbers left in the stream that i picked up.
When you fish the same water over and over you develop a connection to it.
You know the places, know the rocks and form a bond to the inhabitants of the water.
A respect for the fish, a love for the bugs and the water itself seems to come alive.
Here's some pictures from the day and i'd love to take you out on the water if you're passing by.

I'm gonna walk you through three pools spaced out about 400 metres from each other
They are all low water at the moment.

First out is the Forest Bridge Pool.
Named thusly from the small rickety bridge connecting two small and partially overgrown trails.
Nice spot to get to the water though.
The water itself gets a dark green feel to it due to weeds growing on the rocks.
The pool usually holds some fish though not loads.
One to three trout or grayling.

Forest bridge Pool.
Descent trout.
They are spawning atm but this guy didn't get the memo
that they are off the fishermans list.
Quick pic and back into the stream.
Note the white and black lines on the anal fin.
Typical for this variety of trout, Salmo Trutta Fario.
 Second of is the main destination of the day.
Grayling pool. I'll let you figure it out.
Pearshaped pool that broadens at the end.
The downstream portion holds a lot of fish.
Always. My trip ended with six or seven just in this pool.

Grayling territory.

Why hi, got a moment to speak about our lord Neptune?
Seriously though, one of my own patterns was the fly of the day.

And then the third set of pools.
I simply call them "The Cauldrons"
Here the water have bared the rock, run over it for millenia and dug holes down into the granit itself.
Doesn't always hold fish (as was the case today) but when it does the fights are awesome.
In the spring flood these are not just rapids with wierd currents, they are raging.
The water is clear and the light green weeds at the bottom of these bowls make them look like witches cauldrons.

Can you feel the primal surge?

Not all creatures aquatic are fish.

Bye for this time!

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