20 Nov 2012

Crazy Charlie

When the days get shorter and darker more time is spent by the vice.
Did a couple of Crazy Charlies.

Am i going bonefish fishing in the warm clear waters of the Carribian?
Unfortunatly no...

These i've tied for perch.
I've found that in shallow waters these bottombouncing flies are really effective.
Since before i got my own fly the Bouncing Betty,tied in a similar way, the original colour is a red tail of bucktail and then black dubbing,black palmer hackle and a longer neck hackle.
Tied with chain eyes or dumbell eyes these have, from time to time, given me fishing with hooked fish on every cast.

Yes,we have our very own flats fishing up here in the north and when it's good it's really good.
Fishing for perch in 2 dm of water is a treat.
Acctually i've had some terrific fishing for roach as well when they've been in the shallows,grazing of the bottom.
They tail and brings your mind to the redfish of the southern US.

Charlies for perch. White tinsel flash and foxhair.

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