20 Nov 2012

Worldwide Flyswap.

So Troutpassion is running a Worldwide Flyswap.

They've been kind enough to include me and i'll be tying 4x10 flies.

I'll be joining in with

Streamer: Purple Zonker
Dry: Lovéus lilla svarta
Nymph: Orange Attacker
Wet: No name Classic Wet

A couple of them are my own patterns (the dry and nymph) and while they all might sound extreme they have all been tested to great success on browns,grayling and rainbow trout as well as perch.

The sort of patterns you go to when the natural ones fails.
Stay tuned for pictures of the flies. 

The Streamer: Purple bunny zonker

The wet fly. A no-name classic style wet fly.

The Nymph. The Orange Attacker

The dry fly: Lovéus lilla svarta, a small midge or mosqito pattern.

I've come to realise that i, knowing or unknowing, picked some of the simplest patterns in my flybox for this swap.
Might be a good thing since i have to tie 40 flies (well, 36 as i don't have to tie for myself).
I don't really think any of them are prize winners or flies you would exhibit but they are nice effective patterns.
And as mentioned,they are all tied very quickly, you can easily fill up a box with these sorts of flies in an evening or two.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the others will contribute, so far only Flies over Nebraska have posted any pics.
I like his flies, a bit more on the experimental side, provocative patterns.

Gotta have both,natural and more imaginative.

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