29 Nov 2012

Winter in the Valley.

It's been snowing and the temperature have dropped.
It still only looks like the "winter steelhead" videos out there but more is comming.
This weekend promises -10-15'C so it's gonna be nice and balmy out there.
Despite this the river stays open in places due to currents.

The pike rod is on the shelf until spring and i'm putting my hopes in rainbow trout.
There's a couple of farms around here and fish escape from time to time and can grow fairly big, biggest caught last year was about 8 kilos.

To that end I have invested in a T17 skagit tip and tied some big tubes mainly in reds and orange and white and blue along with some classic steelhead patterns such as ESL.

Hopefully that'll do the trick and keep me entertained until the warm rays of spring start melting the ice again.

Fly fishing the year 'round.

Lets kick it off with some contemporary hairwings of bigger proportions.

White and blue. Foxhair,marabou and rooster.

Foxhair and rooster.

Green highlander. Simply because i like the colour shift in the wing.

Monochrome. Fox hair and marabou.

And then some flies tied umbrella style.
Material is evenly spaced around the tube and tied in first forward,then folded back to create volume without adding tons of material.

ESL Variety.

Umbrealla fly. foxhair and rooster.

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  1. Really nice flies Fredrik!

    I´m looking forward to fish in the stream of Stockholm around christmas as we talket about. I hope the weather is fine :)